• Inside Yourself

Inside Yourself is a fascinating account of how to teach yourself the Alexander Technique. Louise Morgan did not have lessons, instead she decided to discover the Technique for herself, following in Alexander’s footsteps. In this book she provides an account of her discoveries.           

Louise Morgan describes the key principles of the Technique through examples of everyday activities, such as how to sit, how to bend, lifting, walking, achieving sound sleep, and speaking clearly and without fear. She is concerned with the fundamentals of the practice: how not to waste your energy, and how to move with less effort.

Third edition 2016 (with new appendices, B, C, D).


Foreword by Aldous Huxley
1    A Prophet Unsung
2    Recording a Miracle
3    The Bedside Book
4    Tasmanian Boy
5    Alexander in England
6    Don't Waste Your Energy
7    Perfect Shoulders
8    Air Starvation
9    Forward and Up
10    Sit with Ease and Grace
11    Bend Right to Keep Young
12    Walking on Air
13    The Importance of Posture
14    How to Change a Habit
15    Man's Supreme Inheritance
16    Body and Brain
17    Sound Sleep
18    Good Speech
19    Regeneration
Appendix A: Review of Inside Yourself by David Wainwright 1954
Appendix B: Review of Inside Yourself by Dr Mungo Douglas 1954
Appendix C: "The Illusion of Beauty" by Louise Morgan, 1955
Appendix D: Extract from Inside Your Kitchen by Louise Morgan, 1956

Book Specifications
Author/Editor Louise Morgan
Subtitle A new way to health based on the Alexander Technique
Binding. Pages. Year. Paperback. 266 pages. 2016.
ISBN 978-0954352288.
Size 205 x 134 mm.

Inside Yourself

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