This book presents a synthesis of the three great methods of Roger Vittoz, William H. Bates, and F. Matthias Alexander. Vittoz used a non-intellectualized sensory awareness to regain unity and equilibrium of mind and body. Bates discovered the connection between mental attitude and eyesight, and how to consciously retrain the use of one’s eyes. Alexander developed a technique for the conscious, integrated use of oneself in all activities of living.

Olive Lyle Brown here draws upon the common principles of these methods to provide the most fundamental techniques for de-tensing and developing a restful but alert state of mind and body.

Book Specifications
Author/Editor Olive Lyle Brown
Subtitle To achieve health, integration, freedom
Binding. Pages. Year. Paperback. 121 pages. 2010.
ISBN 978-0-9543522-3-3.
Size 205 x 134 mm.

Your innate power

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