• Living the Alexander Technique

Nine distinguished teachers of the Alexander Technique speak with Ruth Rootberg about their lives, their work, and their approach to using their Alexander skills as they face aging, loss of loved ones, and the challenges of illness and injury. With over 400 years of combined teaching experience, they reveal how the Alexander Technique provides a dependable pathway to meet the ongoing challenges of daily living. This book is a wonderful resource for Alexander Technique students, teachers, and anyone who seeks models of aging with dignity and passion.

Interviews with Elisabeth Walker, Frank Ottiwell, Anne Battye, Joan and Alex Murray, Sarnie Ogus, Rome Earle, Ann Mathews, and Jane Heirich.

Ruth Rootberg is a certified Alexander Technique teacher, Designated Linklater Voice teacher, and Certified Laban Movement Analyst. The author of many articles on the Alexander Technique, she comes from a classical voice and theater background and integrates many of these passions in her practice. Ruth lives and teaches in Amherst, Massachusetts and offers workshops in the United States and abroad.
Book Specifications
Author/Editor Ruth Rootberg
Subtitle Interviews with Nine Senior Teachers
Binding. Pages. Year. Paperback. 160 pages. 2015.
ISBN 978-1937146771.
Size 230 x 153 mm.
Errata Page 28. Endnote 2 of Frank Ottiwell’s interview. The last sentence should read: Coghill met Alexander in 1940 and wrote the introductory remarks to Alexander's fourth book, The Universal Constant in Living.

Living the Alexander Technique

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