• Voice Power

This book for presenters and vocal communicators is the outcome of Michael McCallion's forty years of teaching. His simple exercises help you to observe your voice use and enable you to turn mis-use into good use, wrong effort into ease so that your use of your voice is unstrained, adaptable and strong.

Breathing, sound, clarity of diction, and resonance are fundamentals that are examined in a simple, straightforward manner. Because voice includes our whole muscular system, our use of our whole self is considered. Our whole being is a voice generator, physically, mentally, socially, and this is what our voice carries. Attention to this integration produces speech with clarity, assurance, and authority.

To have our voice as channel to our intention, responsive to the changing need of the moment, is to possess a powerful tool of contact with your audience.

Book Specifications
Author/Editor Michael McCallion
Subtitle The Voice in Business and Public Speaking
Binding. Pages. Year. Paperback. 212 pages. 2012.
ISBN 978-0956849809.
Size 216 x 138 mm.

Voice Power

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