Links Policy
Outbound links

The website for Mouritz carry links to

  • selected sites of publishers and retailers of literature, video and audio material on the Alexander Technique
  • selected sites with relevant on-line literature on the Alexander Technique
  • selected sites on the history of the Alexander Technique
  • selected sites of societies of the Alexander Technique
  • review contributors

Mouritz does not link to sites which are not free to access. Mouritz does not link to external sites in return for cash, services or any other consideration in kind. Mouritz does not enter into reciprocal linking agreements solely for the purposes of improved search engine placement.

The links are reviewed on an ongoing basis according to relevance and quality.

Sites are selected on the basis of

  • relevance
  • ease of navigation
  • being up to date
  • importance for teachers and researchers on the Alexander Technique

Mouritz is not responsible for the content of external websites and links should not be understood as a recommendation or an endorsement.

Inbound links

Mouritz welcomes links from other sites, but please check that:

  • That the link is made in text (no picture or logo)
  • That it is clearly explained where the link leads (e.g. for the index page: “Publisher of Alexander Technique books”; for the bibliography page: “Bibliography on the Alexander Technique” etc.)
  • That the link opens a new window and does not load into an existing frame (that is, does not make Mouritz information look like part of your site).

Thank you!