Submitting manuscripts to Mouritz

Authors who are contemplating publication of specialised material on the Alexander Technique are invited to submit manuscripts to Mouritz.

Conscious Control is currently resting.

Please be aware that specialised literature on the Alexander Technique sell very slowly (a single print-run typically lasts 20+ years) and therefore books need to have a long “life-span,” i.e. not be too topical, have many references to current events or structured around scientific research which is likely to be superseded within a few years. Any submitted manuscript should reflect this fact.

Please do not submit unsolicited manuscripts. Please e-mail first or phone +43 (0)316 319 468 to check that the subject matter falls within Mouritz's publishing parameters.

There is no need to submit a complete manuscript unless asked to do so. Enclose a synopsis of the work, a list of contents, and two or three sample chapters, with a preliminary letter. Please also enclose a short bio (80–120 words) of the author(s) and any editor(s).

A copy (not original) by post or a pdf via email are acceptable methods of submissions; note that neither will be returned.

Please format the manuscript as follows:

  • For 8½ x 11-inch paper, set all margins to 1 inch or wider
  • For A4 paper, set margins to 2 cm or larger
  • Set font size to 12 points or larger
  • Set line spacing to 1.5 or larger
  • Please include all figures, tables, and references.

It is not recommended to submit to other publisher at the same time; if done, please state this in the preliminary letter.

Please allow 4-8 weeks for a reply.

For general advice for getting published, please see the Writers & Artists' Guide.