Conscious Control Heading

Conscious Control has limited space available for advertising of interest to teachers and pupils of the Alexander Technique. Readers are intelligent, self-motivated and discerning, and any advertising should reflect this. All advertising submitted is subject to the approval of the editor. The editor reserves the right to refuse any advertising content that does not meet Conscious Control's standards for taste, appearance and image.

Sizes and prices

Width x Height

Full page
119 x 189 mm £300.00
3/4 page
119 x 140 mm £225.00
Half page
119 x 94 mm £150.00
1/4 page
Horizontal 119 x 46 mm £75.00
Vertical 59 x 144 mm £100.00

Space at a width of 127 mm may also be available.
Note: 'page' size is within the standard text frame.

Lay-out and design of advertisements is charged at £35 per hour.
Deadlines and General Conditions

Deadlines: please inquire.

Pre-payment is required for all advertisers.

Ad prices are based on camera ready material. Charges may apply for typesetting of non-camera ready material. See above for the per-issue rate structure. Contact us for discount prices for multiple listings.

No changes will be made to advertisements without the consent of the advertiser or agency.

  1. The publisher shall have the right to reject any advertising material, which in publisher’s sole judgment does not meet the quality, character or format of Conscious Control.
  2. Advertising must be limited to image ads promoting the individual businesses, and may not include price points, bursts or coupons.
  3. Position is not guaranteed, nor is advertising accepted subject to position.
  4. Advertising cancelled after space is reserved, but prior to closing for camera/press ready material, will be charged at 40% of the cost of the ad as shown on the schedule of rates. Advertising cancelled after camera/press ready material closing will be charged the full regular rate. If materials for scheduled insertions are not received by the closing dates, publisher may insert a previous advertisement; if no such material is on hand, publisher may then prepare and insert an advertisement without approval of copy or layout by the advertiser
  5. Advertisements are accepted upon the representation that the advertiser and its agency have the right to publish the contents thereof. In consideration of such publication, advertiser and its agency agree to indemnify and hold publisher harmless against any expense or loss by reason of any claims arising out of publication. Publisher is also not responsible for advertising ordered and omitted either in error or due to page makeup requirements.
Files Accepted and How to Submit

Adobe InDesign CS 4.0 (or below) .indd, .pdf
Adobe Illustrator CS 4.0 (or below) .ai, .eps, .pdf
Adobe PhotoShop CS 4.0 (or below) .psd, .eps, .pdf

Submitting native files

  • Submit original document file (i.e. InDesign) , fonts, and all linked or placed art.
  • Convert all “Spot”, RGB colors, or Pantone colors to Process CMYK before packaging.
  • Use “Package for Service Provider” or “Collect for Output” and check to be sure that all elements are included before submitting your ad.
  • Please “Preflight” your files before submission.

Send an Acrobat pdf

  • A correctly distilled Acrobat PDF is the most efficient and reliable way to send your electronic ad file.
  • PDF files should have all fonts and graphics embedded.
  • PDF files should be distilled for “High Resolution”, process color (CMYK), offset reproduction. (Email us for settings. If you cannot get the PDF settings from us, use the “PRESS” settings in Acrobat Distiller).
  • Use “High Resolution” flattening - do not submit layered PDFs.
  • Do not submit mulitiple pages PDFs - use a single page and single file for each ad.

Basic preparation

  • Use above ad sizes (fractional ad).
  • Bleed ads needs to be approved before. For bleed ads, extend bleed 6mm on all four sides and be sure to allow for bleed when distilling a PDF.
  • Be sure that all placed or linked art, logos are CMYK.
  • Do not use C*I*E Lab Color, Indexed Colors, ICC Profiles, Color Management or DCS (pre-separated or halftone screened) - conversion sometimes causes unpleasant or unexpected color shifts.
  • Submit TIF or EPS formats only for placed or linked graphics.
  • Colour photos should be scanned at 300 dpi - line art (bitmap or single-bit) at 600 dpi.
  • Do not use LZW or JPEG compression.
  • Flatten and remove alpha channels before saving and placing final graphics files.