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Conscious Control Journals
A Journal of the Alexander Technique

The aim of the journal is to publish substantial and well-written articles on the Technique. The journal will also publish shorter, succint papers, as well as previously published articles. Conscious Control will also publish the prizewinning articles of the Mouritz Award.

At present Conscious Control is resting. It has not received enough articles of an appropriate quality to sustain publishing two issues per year. The publication schedule will in the future be irregular, and journals will be sold not on a subscription basis, but individually, when published. The Mouritz Award for Writing on the Alexander Technique will continue, and Conscious Control will publish the prize-winning articles.

Conscious Control invites teachers, pupils and anyone who wishes to further the study of the F. M. Alexander Technique to submit articles (essays, interviews, letters, and other texts) on the Technique. Authors of published articles will receive free copies. Authors of long articles will receive a year’s free subscription. Payments will also be made for longer articles. See How to Submit for details.