F. M. Alexander quotations

Key concepts

antagonistic antagonistic action, pulls; not in CCC, UoS, UCL. 8 quotations (a complete listing of all occurrences).
attitude attitude. 39 quotations.
conception conception, preconception, misconception, conceive, preconceive. 84 quotations.
consent consent, consenting; not in CCC. 19 quotations.
coordination coordinate, coordination, malcoordinate, discoordinate. 71 quotations.
direction direct, directed, directing, directive. 85 quotations.
doing do, doing, non-doing, not doing, undoing. 91 quotations.
end-gaining end, end-gainer. 39 quotations.
general, specific general vs. specific. 54 quotations.
inhibition inhibit, inhibiting, inhibitory. 70 quotations.
mechanical advantage mechanical advantage, position of mechanical advantage; not in UoS or UCL. 22 quotations.
means-whereby means, means whereby, means-whereby. 79 quotations.
misdirection misdirect, misdirected, undirected. 36 quotations.
orders order, ordering; not in UoS or UCL. 74 quotations.
prevention prevent, preventive, prevention. 76 quotations.
primary control First appearance in 1925; not in MSI or CCC. 42 quotations.
principle principle, principles. 85 quotations.
psycho-physical psycho-physical. 83 quotations.
re-education re-education. 64 quotations.
reflex reflex, reflexes. 31 quotations.
right vs. wrong right, wrong, wrongly. 110 quotations.
sensory Excluding sensory appreciation. 41 quotations.
sensory appreciation muscular appreciation. 41 quotations.
stimulus stimulus, stimuli. 69 quotations.
thinking in activity thinking in activity. 7 quotations.
unknown, known unknown, know, known. 28 quotations.
use use, using, uses.166 quotations.
wish wishing, unwished. 36 quotations.

Quotations regarding other concepts and topics

fear, fright fear, fear reflexes, fright, stage fright. 44 quotations.
theory, practice practice, theory, theory and practice. 30 quotations.
willing willing, will-to-do, will-power. 25 quotations.


The first table is a selection of quotations on key concepts in the Alexander Technique. The quotations have been selected for describing, defining or otherwise casting light on an aspect of the concept. Some quotations show the extended usage of a certain term, e.g. "direction" has multiple meanings and is not always synomous with "order". It is a comprenhensive selection but does not include every occurrence of a word.

The quotations are in chronological order and each listing always contain the term's first appearance in Alexander's writings. Quotations are only from Alexander himself; usage of the concepts by other people featured in his books are not included.

This index is intended as a study aid for teachers. The quotations should be read in their context and the index is intended to direct the reader to the appropriate place in Alexander's writings. The quotations are not suitable as an introductory text to the Alexander Technique. For a discussion of the concepts in the Alexander Technique literature in general, see the Mouritz Companion to the Alexander Technique.

The listings include nouns as well as verbs where they exist.

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