About the Alexander Technique Bibliography

This bliography is an attempt at providing a complete database of published material on the Alexander Technique such as books, journals, booklets, videos, journals, audio books and DVDs. Excluded are society newsletters and individual articles in newspapers, journals, etc., for which www.statarchives.org.uk is recommended.

As of June 2010 the bibliography contains 554 items: 305 books and booklets, 63 journals, 64 videos, 36 audio material, and 86 foreign language titles.

In the search results click the cover picture for a link to more detailed information on the pulication.

To qualify for inclusion an item must have been mass produced and been offered for sale to the public. With the exception of Alexander’s own books, each edition is only listed once. Reprints, or the same book repackaged under a different title or cover are not listed separately; nor is the existence of a differenct cover version (e.g. hardback) listed; nor the simultaneous publication - if in same language - in another country.

A second year (or more years) in parenthesis indicates the year(s) of new and later edition(s).

‘Related subjects’ is an arbitary selection of material referring to the Alexander Technique or of interest to teachers of the Technique. It is normally included here if the author is a practising Alexander teacher and/or the title has been reviewed in an Alexander newsletter/journal. Please note that ‘related subjects’ can only be viewed when choosing it in ‘Category’. It is not included in any other browsing.

As items go in and out of print fairly swiftly, current print status is only a guide. Available from 'general' means generally available from internet bookshops in country of publication. Where items are out of print please check second-hand bookshops such as Ebay or Bookfinder.

These listings are for informational purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation.

I am grateful for the generous feedback and the supply of publication information, jpegs of covers and book reviews from many teachers worldwide. Many thanks are due to David Billingham for help with the PHP scripting. Please inform me of any errors or omissions. Thank you.     Jean M. O. Fischer.



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