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F. Matthias Alexander. Edited by Jean M. O. Fischer.
The Universal Constant in Living
Paperback. 2015. 266 pages.
Published by Mouritz (UK). 138 x 216 mm.
ISBN-13 978-0956849854
ISBN-10 0956849857
Status: In print.
First published 25 October 2015
Publisher's description
The Universal Constant in Living was Alexander's fourth and last book. It contains his most mature and consummate thoughts on the technique. Alexander shares with the reader knowledge accumulated in the course of more than 45 years of practical teaching experience. Having fully developed the concepts of his technique, he presents a clear exposition of the fundamental principles: prevention (inhibition), the primary control of use, and the unity (wholeness) of the human organism, among others.

Written in the turbulent 1930s and completed in the early years of WWII, The Universal Constant in Living makes a great plea for understanding the dangers of separation in the activity of living. Alexander explains how his technique meets the urgent need for wholeness in approach and action. Furthermore, he argues that the practice of his technique provides not only freedom of thought and action, but freedom in thought and action.

Alexander also presents testimonies to the practical results and principles of his technique. In an appreciation of Alexander's work Professor George Coghill, a pioneer of developmental neurophysiology, provides support for Alexander's concept of a primary control.

The difference between the 'cream' and 'white' editions of Alexander's books is that the white paperbacks do NOT contain:
Walter Carrington's and editor's forewords; notes on the text; endnotes; appendices or any photographs added since 1945-46 editions; index. For these please consult the 'cream' editions.

Earliest publication date: 25 October 2015