Mouritz is an independent publisher of books on the Alexander Technique.
Established in 1995 Mouritz has now published 38 books and two DVDs.

The Mouritz website also contains a complete bibliography of everything published on the Alexander Technique, historical articles and key quotations from F. M. Alexander's writings.

The Mouritz Shop closed Thursday 10th May. Mouritz is now moving to Austria, and will re-open in June.

The following titles will continue to be available from while Mouritz is closed.

Articles and Lectures by F. M. Alexander [White Edition]
Man's Supreme Inheritance by F. M. Alexander [White Edition]
Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual by F. M. Alexander [White edition]
The Universal Constant in Living by F. M. Alexander [White edition]
More Talk of Alexander edited by Dr Wilfred Barlow
The Expanding Self by Goddard Binkley
Marjorie Barstow, Her Teaching and Training edited by Barbara Conable
Teaching by Hand, Learning by Heart by Bruce Fertman
The Philospher's Stone edited by Jean M. O. Fischer
Freedom to Change by Frank P. Jones
Voice Power by Michael McCallion
A Neglected Influence (John Dewy and F. M. Alexander) by Eric David McCormack
The Alexander Techinque Birth Book by Ilana Machover
Up From Down Under by Rosslyn McLeod
The Evolution of Movement by Robin John Simmons
Towards Vocal Freedom by Gerald Wragg

A selection of Mouritz books are also available from

HITE Ltd. (UK)

Mornum Time Press (USA)

The Constructive Teaching Centre (no mail order, personal callers only)