• Curiosity Recaptured

The 15 essays in Curiosity Recaptured provide a compelling introduction to the Alexander Technique.

Whether you are interested in the performing arts, problem-solving, the field of health, or simply a more satisfying way to live, this book can open the door to a new world. It can change what you notice and how you move.

Each essay  tells a story. Some are about learning a new skill or the excitement of solving a particularly intractable problem. Others reexamine commonplace moments of our days that often go unnoticed. Each story takes us from a specific activity being described to the impact the activity has on our daily life. Included in this collection are essays on cycling, chair design, dance, acting, childbirth, singing, grief, walking, tennis, and much more.

Book Specifications
Author/Editor Edited by Jerry Sontag
Subtitle Exploring Ways We Think and Move
Binding. Pages. Year. Paperback. 238 pages. 1996.
ISBN 0964435225/978-0964435223.
Size 222 x 148 mm

Curiosity Recaptured

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