• Thinking Aloud

Thinking Aloud is a serious exploration of the Alexander Technique that goes beyond the standard introductions to this educational method.              

Walter Carrington condenses 50 years of teaching into 25 straightforward essays on all aspects of the Alexander Technique. The book was originally designed for teachers and teachers-in-training, but has proven popular with those readers interested in learning more about this approach to changing habitual behavior.              

In Thinking Aloud, Walter Carrington takes a commonsense approach to the most commonplace of problems – the ways we use ourselves in daily life. He also has a remarkable ability to communicate complex ideas in an accessible way to teachers and students alike. The fundamental ways we think and function in daily life are the true subjects of Thinking Aloud.

Book Specifications
Author/Editor Walter Carrington. Edited by Jerry Sontag.
Subtitle Talks on Teaching the Alexander Technique
Binding. Pages. Year. Hardback. 160 pages. 1994.
ISBN 0964435209/978-0964435209.
Size 223 x 148 mm.

Thinking Aloud

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